Assault Rifle


Required Slots: BACK 2 HANDER

Item Level: 37

Weight: 3.7 kg

Ammo Type: Light Rifle Ammo

Category: Rifle

Ammo: 30

Damage: 36 Ballistic

Delay: 0.3 seconds

DPS: 93.9

Reload: 2.5 seconds

Max Range: 56m

Attack Skill: Rifle

Defensive Skill: Dodge

Requirement: Rifle 105

Modifier: -15 Melee Defense


Skill Level: 105

Components: x1 Wood Assault Grips

x1 Steel Assault Action

x1 Alloy Steel Long Light Barrel

x15 Salvaged Gears

x10 Salvaged Fasteners

Manual: Improved SA Rifles 2

Time: 2m 10s (1m 37s Facility)

Total Materials RequiredEdit

x6 Salvaged Wood

x4 Impure Adhesive

x17 Salvaged Fasteners

x6 Scrap Steel

x21 Salvaged Gears

x6 Scrap Fasteners

x4 Scrap Alloy Steel

x2 Impure Geologic Chemical

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